Light bulb fun Lipgloss lychee scent happy smiley flower, lip gloss 90s vibe

$6.79 $10.45

Vegan base Lipgloss! always, we use versagel which is 100% vegan base

Lychee scent with ­čŹë and other msytery scents

Pack of 2 mini bulbs
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Lip glosses were suuuper sticky, the ingredients were separating, and they both smelled strange and kind of sour. I contacted the shop, and they were super understanding and nice about it, explaining about a recent formula change, and gave me a full refund! The other lip gloss I got was absolutely amazing. These few were just funky for some reason. Great shop and I will be buying from again!!

This was a gift for my friend's birthday, she loved it so much! Shipping was SO EXTREMELY fast, it got here so quick and came with some extra little goodies!

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