5 items 2000s Y2K and 90s Surprise Bag Blast from the Past 90s Girl Goodie Bag, 90s Mystery Box, Nostalgia Bag


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Awesome mystery box/bag
About 5 items!

Please expect a mix of 90s and 2000s. Not all just one era. mix of unique 90s and some 2000s

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Honestly the best deal, we had over 1900 reviews on our other web ♥️♥️♥️

Lots of little items included
Exactly as the description so a mix of unique stuff

Anything from 90s to 2000

anything from lis@@ frank, candy, 90s novelty or beanie babies and more

Note: you may not get all but you'll have a variety

How fun. Best deal 😍😍
Stickers, accessories, beanie babies, books, so much more toys, pens, novelties, Jewelry and much more

I'll take my time creating your package

Ships from US in 1 day

90s Box, Nostalgic Gifts, NSYNC, Retro, boy and box, beanie babies

This was not worth 20 dollars, I expexted to get cooler items like was depicted in the advertising but two tiny beanie babies, two stickers, an etch a sketch, a mini troll, one scrunchie, and a ring pop wasn't worth my money. The only thing I kept was the scrunchie and the tiny troll the rest I gave to my kid, I was very friendly to the seller, and they said absolutely nothing in return. I wouldn't recommend this to anyone or purchase again.

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