5 items 2000s Y2K and 90s Surprise Bag Blast from the Past 90s Girl Goodie Bag, 90s Mystery Box, Nostalgia Bag


Shipping to United States: $3.89

Awesome mystery box/bag
About 5 items!

Please expect a mix of 90s and 2000s. Not all just one era. mix of unique 90s and some 2000s

girl mystery gift box Lisa Frank, 90s Themed box, Birthday Gifts, Nostalgic items, Retro 90s gift, Pink, 90s Girl,

Honestly the best deal, we had over 1900 reviews on our other web ♥️♥️♥️

Lots of little items included
Exactly as the description so a mix of unique stuff

Anything from 90s to 2000

anything from lis@@ frank, candy, 90s novelty or beanie babies and more

Note: you may not get all but you'll have a variety

How fun. Best deal 😍😍
Stickers, accessories, beanie babies, books, so much more toys, pens, novelties, Jewelry and much more

I'll take my time creating your package

Ships from US in 1 day

got a bunch of cheap crap...

Nailed it!! all 5 items were definitely 90's vibe!! Some items even vintage. Worth it just for the nostalgia!! Nicely done!!

I have a bit of a mixed review. Of the positives, I did get items that are of the general era and get that sense of nostalgia. About three of the items will be perfect for the surprise gift I had in mind. However, there are a few issues. I ordered two sets of 5, and they all came in one bag. That is fine, but was going to gift it to two different people, so I just have to repackage them in a different bag. I definitely couldve specified, so my bad. Secondly, I should have gotten 10 things in total, but it doesnt really seem like 10. Maybe the stickers are supposed to count individually? Lastly, the sticker sheets came with a lot of stickers that had fallen off. May have just been the cold, but definitely disappointing. Was definitely a good purchase, but would recommend buying only one, or buying them separately.

I love everything!!! Especially these beanie baby tag earrings!!! Thank you!

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