Cute funny surprise , kiddie stuff box



So many fun random mystery item
Kids over 6 years old please

Not made for under 5.

All new, fun small to medium pieces

So worth it!

Reviews (6)


let me start off by saying i loved the gloss ✨💖 it had lil pumpkins on it 🎃i’m also eating the candy rn its really good and my cat loved the lil fluffy worms, as for the rest of the package sadly i didn’t really like the earrings i will probably never wear them :( and the lil plushie was kind ehhhhh just disappointing. i really wanted to love this but i definitely won’t be buying this again. it’s okay for the price and i guess i’ll give the plushie and earring to my friends or my mom or something because i hate things going to waste :(