Mysterycolor 2000s | 00s | 1990s | 2000s Y2K and 90s dog robot dog keychain Nostalgia dog keychain

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'90s, y2k 2000s dog keychain one only

Mystery color

How fun. Best deal 😍😍
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I ordered this item on June 21. I included a message with the order asking if it would please at all be possible to have a blue keychain (they come in different colors), as it represents a sentimental childhood memory for me. A June 22 message from the seller stated I would receive the item on June 28-July 2 [original timeframe was June 5-July 5]. I responded with a direct message following up on color. I followed up again a few days later but never received a response. It was marked as shipped on July 10, and I finally received it today, July 18 just before I move cross-country. I received the keychain in the color purple. The listing is admittedly for a random color, but I hoped to at least get a response on my request. The product is cute but not amazing quality, the way the item attaches to keychain is a little awkward.

So sweet I sent to my cousin who loves far away. She said thanks for the “gifts”. I was surprised they threw in a sticker and a squishy too! Very cute.

Shop owner is very nice and I absolutely adore the keychain 💙💙💙

Super cute and reminds me of my childhood

I love it! It's mini & so cute

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