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Indie weird core kid

5 items Mystery jewelry, mix necklace, accessories hypoallergenic earrings, 5 items, kid aesthetic
Mystery Earrings, necklace or any kind of accessories or jewelry or hair accessories etc

hypoallergenic earrings ✅


mystery indie accessories bundle

So worth it! Best deal on Etsy

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Super cute order! Bought this as a gift for my niece. Items included: 2 pairs of mushroom earrings, 1 pair of dice earrings, 1 pair of white duck earrings, & 1 pair of pink lollipop earrings. Seller included extra goodies as well! Thank you!! :)

This was the second time I bought these, and I'm about to buy them a 3rd time because they are so cute. Ive also not had a pair break yet so good quality so far too

I loved all 5 pairs I got (green gummy bears, pink gummy bears with sprinkles, ducks, mushrooms, and smiley faces) and I will definitely be buying more

I loved the earrings I got! They were all great quality and just cute all together 10/10 would recommend to friends if I had any

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