A shop of fun ONLY, funny, cutesy happy vibes. Jewelry, Lipglosses,Mystery boxes and more

 OMGCUTE [Tings]  A shop filled with cutesy fun to make you feel like a kid you are, we are fun and happy vibes always. Tings- A cutesy word used when describing anyTING :) you just love so much!

Started as a jewelry shop now we sell anything and everything that may look fun, funky, and might be creating trends. How are we different? We recreate and bring back styles. We strive to have the best customer satisfaction, and we are the cheapest shop in the US. Stephanie started her hustle as a hobby, listing  jewelry/clothing on eBay by recycling pieces and re-making a more unique piece. She later on gained a great reputation and 100% customer satisfaction.  Weve been known as ShopAllieBear/ShopDesignHER and Ditems Engaging with people all over the world inspired me to showcase my style in jewelry and goodies that no one else had. Then she became one of the best Mystery Boxes seller. Now she works full time not keeping up with trends but recreating them :) MORE COMING SOON